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“Proper” Dating,

These were basically the only standard and normal relationships I had. They were with straight, heterosexual men, and I was a straight, heterosexual woman. There was no one else involved, nothing sexual ever happened, no one cheated on anyone or left anyone for another person, we were all very devoted to each other and were the best boyfriends and girlfriends we could be and of course, never imaged being with anyone else for the rest of our lives. It was all very vanilla and we were none the wiser. Continue reading

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The Beginning

I was very confused, being in a (non) relationship, to suddenely being ignored and shunned, and worse, thrown into a world full of boys. Boys who were dating girls, who acted, smelled, looked and did everything completely different than the only thing I had ever known.


This was only the beginning for me. Continue reading

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