Hello to your Vanilla world!

While the world has quite changed to accept sex as a perfectly normal act, that (who knew) won’t send you to hell and is actually pleasurable, people are still intolerant of many sexual ideas and preferences.  Granted, the world has also gone a long way to accept gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, and to even accept that some people like to add a little kink to their lives by sharing same sex flings with their partners by a flirty night at the bar, or as a threesome in their bedroom.

The part that really annoys me though, that I am going to educate you all on through my life experience blog, is the world of open relationships; swingers and polyamorous couples.

Didn't your mother tell you it was polite to share?

I’ve never understood why it was ok for someone to have a threesome (or thensome…) or to even cheat on their partners and their peers and the general public hardly give it a second thought, but for someone someone to openly admits they have sexual relations with other people, or even share 2 separate lives with different people and it’s all out in the open, no secrets or lies, and everyone gets along, it just immoral and unheard of.

I am still young, I am just beginning to figure this all out and to experience this kind of lifestyle. Just like any other ‘conventional’ relationship I’ve had great joys and deep sorrows, I’ve been happy, ashamed, scared, overwhelmed, excited, but most importantly, I’ve been liberated.

It is quite naive to only assume that you will ever find one love, and that once you do the blinders are permanentley on and you will never see or feel any kind of affection for anyone else. Most people experience this and feel trapped because they are already in a relationship, and they end up emotionally hurting themselves, or their partners.

Being an “open lover” isn’t an easy lifestyle, and it certainly isn’t one for everybody, but hopefully I can shed some light on the subject and perhaps open some new doors for you and/or your partner, and at least shed some light on the fast growing population of people in open relationships. We are all established in our love lives even more securely than most Vanilla couples, and we are not loose whores or immoral people.

Stay tuned folks!

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