Alright, so this blog isn’t about documenting my vanilla dating life. The only reason why I jumped so far back to start this blog was just to illustrate that I was not always an “open lover”, that swinging and polyamoury had never really crossed my mind. Sure, I found my self often conflicted, feeling love for more than one person, but didn’t know what to do about it. I just figured those feelings of love would go away and everything would be fine, and that it’s ok to feel trapped in a relationship, even though you’re happy, because you still have feelings for someone else.

It’s just a part of life… but what about sex? I’ve now had  a few partners and was finding out that there is a lot of fun to be had with a lot of different people. Lawrence knew I liked women, and was one of the typical males who had no problems with me making out with other women at the bars. For him, it was sexy, not cheating, and for me, it was exciting. Finally, after getting engaged, Lawrence suggested we take a woman home, my dream girl who I had just met a few months ago. She was… amazing. She was industrial punk, tons of piercings, some tattoos, curvy and fit like you wouldn’t believe. When Lawrence suggested a threesome I was in.

I would LOVE to one day be a Suicide Girl... and Punk Girl was the one who inspired me! Nothing hotter than a punk....

There was nothing taboo about it… we had seen threesomes in porn before, we had each participated in threesomes before with other people… it wasn’t cheating, it was accentuating out sex life. This became the first of many times we shared our relationship, and we soon started opening up to the idea of the lifestyle and sharing sex with other people as part of our normal, healthy relationship.

There were not feelings of jealousy, we were both there together, we were both having fun with each other and with other people, we would always talk about it before and after, stop if we were uncomfortable, it just made sense, and felt oooh so right.

Once we got a hang of it anyway.

Ever the drunk asshole (more foreshadowing! I can’t help it!), Lawrence decided to ask a co-worker home the same night as the first time we took home the punk hottie. It ended with a lot of oral sex, her having sex with Lawrence, me having sex with Lawrence, and the co-worker being left out (because I was not at all attracted to him) and then yelled at (because according to Punk Girl, he didn’t know how to please a woman sexually) then us girls running off to the bathroom to have a giggle fest. I ended up driving her home, with her promising me and Lawrence a rain cheque.

This was the first time I was ever in an honest to goodness open relationship, I was now a swinger, and from that point on, there was no turning back.

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